Mission Statement

Welcome Conservative Believers, and those who wish to become Conservative Believers so as to serve God and Country ...

FounderChurch Purpose:

FounderChurch Purpose:

The purpose of this Church is to bring every type of Fitness into people's lives in every way, and on every level of need, Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Family, Health, Educational, Civic, Cultural, Business, and Money Management.

It starts with information and education and proceeds from there to life changing action, in order for us to be able to effectively serve God, Country, Family, Friends, Community, Ourselves, and the World. 

In this way, in a spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood, we can, in a supportive atmosphere, pursue those common goals and asperations that will make a better world every day, in every way.

For further information, or to ask more detailed questions, please post your thoughts and comments, or contact the Church Ministry.