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Health Start Up

Health Start Up 

For Beginners in FitnessChurch

Getting healthy is a mammoth undertaking, no question about it, but it is worth every effort expended on it and then some. The Good News is that you can do it one step at a time. Small simple changes add up in time little by little to produce great results. You didn't get unhealthy over night. It took years of hard work. And it will take about the same time period to reverse all that damage that it took to do it in the first place. 

Another consolation is there is absolutely nothing you could better spend you time on than tending to your health. Many things are important but none are more important than you health. Your wife, your husband, your children, your partners, your parents, friends and family, your Country, and your God are all important along with a dozen hundred other things, but you are worthless to all those other people and demands if your health is not tip-top. 

God, at least to a Believer, is the most important thing in your life, or should be, but the fact is God can't use sick people, because how can they do the work of the Kingdom? He needs healthy people. Sick people are just a drag on God's program for mankind, and the same reasoning applies to all those others, and all those good causes that you feel called to take care of, such as your spouse, children, parents, employer, church and you name it. 

Even you can't even use yourself if you are sick. So the best way to serve all those worthy people and purposes is to get yourself healthy, period, no ifs ands or buts. 
The hour or two you spend a day taking care of your health is the best investment, and wisest use of time that it is possible for you to ever make. 

Taking the proper care of yourself is the best way to show love to all those "others" in your life that you claim is so important to you. If they are truly important to you, then show them some respect and get yourself in as good a shape as you can. None of them need a sicky hanging around them. Being more of a drag than an asset. 

Then, after you do this Shape-Up you know you should do, if you do become sick for any reason, you can justifiably make a claim on all those "others" to come to your aid. But, if you have let yourself go in all kinds of ways, and put your health second, then you have a weak case when it come to asking for help from the "others" that you have been an unnecessary burden to. 

I want to get this preamble lecture out of the way before launching into what you must do to begin the process of taking care of yourself. 

The positives of beginning the process of taking care of yourself has many many rewards. It means you will be a better employee, spouse, father, child, partner, church member, patriot, and servant of God. It means you will like yourself better, have more self-esteem, be happier, make more money, and be more likely to be able to accomplish whatever in life you want to do. 

First a couple of basics of good health that may not seem, at first glance, to be part of good health, but believe it they are the essential foundations of good health.

A. Vices you should Dump to take out the trash in your life: These are just some of the common ones. You can add those we may have left out. They are Gambling, Smoking, Drinking, Drugs (both legal and illegal,) Spendthrift Ways, Not Saving, Gluttony, Pride, Arrogance, Envy, Being a Loner, Eating Junk Food, Disloyalty, and Blasphemy, to name only a few. 

B. CHEM 101 you should embrace as a good life plan: On that Founder Church offers is, CHEM 101, you know, Good Chemistry. The Acronym is C.H.E.M. It stands for 1. Children, 2. Health, 3. Education and 4. Money. These four are essential in order to serve God and Country in a Saved Righteous and Worthy, manner. These four contain the basic building blocks of life. 

1. CHILDREN: The only two thing you will leave behind when you die, (and all 6 billion of us die every 70 years or so) are Children, and Eternal Life. Everything else will be buried with you. Children are "life eternal" right here on earth and are the only earthly thing we will have to show for our lives when we die, and any of us may die tomorrow. So, don't rely on what you are going to do tomorrow, but rely on what you do, do today, for it may be the last day you will be here. Every single thing you think of as an accomplishment in life, or having some value will be thrown into the grave you will be lowered into, so why stack up riches, or anything much here on earth, when they will all perish with you. Your best investment is here on earth is children, as many as possible. It goes well with the other very best investment, namely, your immortal soul. 

2. HEALTH: You can't be a good parent without being healthy, and in many cases people are childless, or child-deficit infertile, because they are just not healthy. And act of having lots of children is a healthy way to live, to start with. No activity is more healthy than having lots of children. 

3. EDUCATION: It is hard to be a good parent and have lots of Children and raise them properly, be Healthy, or make lots of Money  without being Educated as completely as possible. It doesn't have to be so-called "formal education," but it has to be education of some sort, and the best type of education is self-education.

4. MONEY: The Bible says that "Love" of Money is the root of all evil, and that is true, but notice Money is not called the root of all evil, but rather Loving Money is the root of all evil. The Bible goes on to say that "Money, answereth to all things." and surely it does, so Money itself, properly used, could be called the "root of all good." So Save, Save, Save, MONEY, and if you only make a dollar a day, be sure to save 10 cents of it, and with that rule in place you will have plenty of money all your life. The typical ungodly spendthrift says, "I don't have any money to save." What they mean is "I will never have any money to save, even if I make a million a year." If you can't save when you are broke you will never save when you have more. Saving is a state of mind that has nothing whatsoever to do with how much money anyone has at any one time. Savers save, no matter how little they have, and Spenders spend it all no matter how much they have. Memorize that! 

Now, let's talk about the specifics of how you get started getting healthy:

Quantity v Quality: Realize that you can't cut down on the quantity of food you eat until you improve the quality of what you eat. If you cut down on the quantity of calories you consume without improving the quality of your food intake, you will just get sick from malnutrition and harm yourself more than you help yourself. 

The Rule Is: Increase Quality BEFORE you reduce Quantity.

Fat v Muscle: Realize that you can't lose Fat without first gaining Muscle mass. If you try to lose fat without adding muscle, again you will just get sick and suffer from all kinds of injuries. 

The Rule Is: Increase Muscle before you reduce Fat.

The Chinese (who like the Greeks knew everything) have a saying: "ALL Sickness and Disease comes in through the mouth, (Drugs, Smoking, and such, are just other forms of eating stuff we shouldn't) and ALL Trouble emanates forth from the mouth." (I hate you, declarations of war, and so forth) 

The way to increase the QUALITY of what we consume is to eat food as near to nature production of it as we can. Raw is better than cooked, and lightly stir-fried, or steamed, is healthier than boiled, microwaved, fried or baked. Variety is also important. There are literally many hundreds of good edible things to eat. Put as many as possible into your diet. Vegetables, Fruits, Seeds, Herbs, and Spices are general categories. 

The rule is Variety, Variety, Variety! 

Eat as organic as you can. As we buy more organic it helps to raise volume volume consumed in society, and thereby lowers the price of organic food. Also, buy Local as much as you can and make a habit of going to the local farmers market.

If you think you overpay for these kinds of food, think of it as giving to God, the Country, the Church, or to some other good cause. It is certainly better to pay a lot of money to by healthy things, than to spend less to buy unhealthy things, which is like killing yourself by a slow and painful death dragging everyone down with you. 

Every time you spend a dollar you are voting with that dollar as to what kind of world you want to live in, and as to what quality of life you want for yourself, your family, your Country, and your World. Every dollar you spend in a health food store is casting a vote for good, rather than voting for evil. Money is power. Money, also equals speech.

Throw bad unhealthy stuff out of your kitchen, don't give it shelf space. Load your shelves with every seed, nut, herb and spice you can lay your hands on, (They have long shelf life and tend not to spoil, even over long periods of time) and make it a habit to use them all the time. Everything you eat should be liberally fortified with these  essential foodstuffs. 

Arrange the Good Stuff into at least two categories. One call natural Sugar Substitutes, that you use in everything that calls for something sweet. The other call natural Salt Substitutes, that calls for flavor enhancers. 

For example, if you buy and eat plain Yogurt (good idea) you may want to flavor enhance it with sweet type things. Put things into it like Cinnamon, and other herbs, spices and such that seem appropriate to your taste buds. But, if you eat potatoes, brown rice and such, you may want to add natural salt substitutes such as hot peppers and such that liven up the taste. You will soon get the knack of putting the right spices, herbs, nuts, and seeds on the the right dish. You may have to experiment around a bit until you are familiar with your new health diet. 

The Rule is: Don't be afraid to Experiment, Experiment, Experiment! 

By all means avoid the four killers of the Food Apocalypse: SUGAR, SALT, GREASE, and FLOUR. These four typically have near zero nutritional value, and additionally pack a poisonous punch that you don't want in your system. 

Sugar and Salt: Every vegetable, fruit and edible substance on earth has tons of sodium and sugar in them, naturally, so YOU don't need ANY Salt or Sugar added to anything at any time, for any reason, under any circumstances, of any sort whatsoever.

Grease, another death ingredient. The Bible says, (Always listen to the Bible, it is the distilled wisdom of the ages, and the sages, inspired by God)  to cut off and burn all of the fat, and to only eat the lean meat. All Animal fats are harmful in any amounts, and add to that some poor grade oils, like corn oil and soy bean oil, and try never to consume any of these. Please don't pick at exceptions. There are some, it is true, but these are general rules made to be interpreted to suit your own special needs or doctors orders. Always listen to your doctor. 

Finally, Flour can be another killer substance. Even if it is Organic whole grain flour, it is not that good for you. It is better to eat the grain in as near to its original form as possible. When grain is beaten into powder it loses a lot of nutrients, and becomes subject to going rancid very quickly, on top of which it converts to sugar in your mouth, stomach and blood far faster than eating the whole grains.  Such a sugar rush is never good for you, no matter all the clatter about you "needing" an energy boost that raising blood sugar can give you. Thus avoid white flour altogether, and take it easy on the other organic, whole grain flours as well.

The  Rule is: Avoid, Avoid, Avoid, the Four Horsemen of the Food Apocalypse. 

And get your Rest above all, because when you are not rested your body fails to function properly, AND you overeat, among other things. Your judgment is not intact when you are tired, especially when you are chronically deprived of rest. 

And try to Fast in some form. All animals in nature Fast, and it is good for their health to do so. Nature and Nature's God are good teachers for us. An ideal Fasting schedule might look something like, (to keep it simple) one day a week, one week a month, and one month a year. Now, that is just an oversimplified estimate to give you some idea of how animals fast, and yet remain very healthy. Even one 24 hour day fast a year would be helpful, but there are very few people who even do that.

This is a very quick overview-introduction. Consult your doctor and other health care professionals and read widely. You are your own best doctor and should be knowledgably involved in your own care. 

FounderChurch has many other articles dealing with health in the broadest context possible. Check them out, and support this mission in some way. If you have been taught, share with those that taught you. 

The Rule is: Pay your check in the restaurant where you have been fed, not in some other restaurant that did not feed you. 

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